Friday, July 30, 2010


Well...nothing better than this. I really enjoyed and appreciated my five months holidays at home! After two and half months of decadent life, i had been working for another two and half months. I think this will be my endless holidays in my whole life before i get retire or rest in wood).

Okay, i got my first job - a staff in a bakery ingredients supply. There, i recognize a future HOT stewardess in Mas airline with "two boats in same time" which i "admire" so much. jkjk~wow~ then i Re met my old friend - E E. She's a sweet n funny girl, she had brigthen up my working days with a lot of drollery she did.
My dear boss = my churchmate or friend. She is such a nice person i ever met. Although we were selling the bakery ingredients only yet we did some cakes, muffins, pudding, pau, mooncake....and i love to eat all those things so much~! Time really flies when we chatting while working.

Between, i have enjoyed 'family days" with my complete family members after seperated for few years. It is because my bro had to do his pratical in btu for half year. We went fishing, exercise, eating all ard in btu,sibu,miri,brunei, & quarrel & make fun of each others non-stop.

Besides, i met my lovely friends (can't mention coz too many)...did some gathering, hang out with them and yet i didn't even "swim" (mahjong)with them~! only thing make me feel sorry for my holidays.

*Wink* Wink* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME FLIES~~~~~~~~~~TITI TITITI TITITITI~alarm is ringing~!

It's time for me to prepare myself and get ready for a hard battle. No worries, coz God will Lead my way.
But i still don't dare to imagine the life back to AIMST. no car, no air-con, no mummy's food, no lovely bed n blanket....i'll miss home de....

Sunday, July 18, 2010


一步又一步   这是恩典之路
你爱你手  将我紧紧抓住
一步又一步   这是恩典之路
你爱你手   牵引我走着人生路